Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet Dash!

Meet Dash

We had the wonderful opportunity to code a robot! Yes, an actual robot! His name is Dash. 


Each group of students worked collaboratively to design a plan of what they wanted Dash to do. Some groups wanted Dash to dance, complete an obstacle course, or draw a picture. Robots do not possess the same brain power we do, so they must receive detailed instructions to complete the simplest task.
After deciding on a plan each team worked together to write lines of code to program Dash. He had a very busy day. 
Watch a video of one of our groups who coded a familiar dance. 

Did you have and extraordinary time coding a robot? What do you think makes coding an educational experience? Please write 3 to 5 sentences describing what you and your team had Dash do and what important lesson or skill you may have learned or practiced. Make sure you write at least 2 compound sentences! If you don't remember how to write a compound sentence check out this blog post

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Telling Time

Telling Time Terrifically

Time is an important real life skill we all need to learn! Even though we may have digital watches, finding start time, elapsed time or end time is something we use everyday! 

We often need to decide what time we need to leave for school or soccer practice. Sometimes we need to tell our mom or dad what time to pick us up after a play date. Mrs. Broussard might even ask us how much time we spent on our homework or practicing our multiplication facts. 

When we are asked to find the "start time" we usually have to count back. Finding the end time means we count forward. Elapsed time means the amount of time in between the beginning and end of something. 
In class we wrote riddles to each other via a google doc. We listed some information and had our friends find either start time, elapsed time, or end time. 
Some strategies we used to help solve problems are time lines, clocks or mental math. 

Write a short story problem asking a friend to find either start time, elapsed time, or end time. Be sure to write your clues and question clearly! When responding to a friend tell us what strategy you used!