Meet Mrs. Broussard

I've always known I wanted to be a teacher and I am thrilled to be teaching 3rd Grade this year. There is nothing more rewarding than watching students grow as individuals and learners.

I love learning new things myself. I especially enjoy learning things about the ocean. One of my most prized hobbies is SCUBA diving. Here is a video of one of my very first dives. 


Some things I have seen underwater include reef tip sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays, lion fish, sea turtles,  eels and dolphins. I look forward to one day seeing a seahorse and swimming with a whale shark.

My husband and I have two dogs names Brutus and Tank. Brutus is nine years old and started slowing down a bit. We brought home Tank, a four month old puppy, to keep him company and keep him young. I think they like each other, what do you think? 

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