Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Celebrating Life Cycles

In honor of spring, our class will be learning about the life cycles of different plants and animals.
Below are some links to videos featuring different life cycles.

What are some similarities and differences you see between the life cycles of these plants and animals? 

Over the weekend I collected some eggs from a local farmer.
Together with our buddies we will be learning about the life cycle of chickens and will be hatching our own baby chicks. Through careful observation we will be able to watch this chicks develop!

The first thing we needed to do was set up and environment that mimics, or copies, that of an egg being incubated by its own mother, a hen! 

Our incubators will provide heat, oxygen and even water for the eggs while they develop!

What is the most impressive thing you learned today?

With our buddies we made a prediction of how many eggs we think will hatch into baby chicks.

           How many eggs do you think will hatch and why?
Can you find any interesting facts about the life cycle of chicks?

Please write at least 3 sentences. One of your sentences must be a compound sentences using conjunctions.