Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bar Graphs

There are many different ways to share data with other people. Our favorite way is by graphing it! There are different types of graphs like a picture graph or line plot, but our favorite is the bar graph.

Here are some extremely creative and informative bar graphs we created our selves. 

 Every bar graph must have the following three things: 
1. Title (three labels)
2. Categories
3. Scale

In the bar graph below the title is Favorite Video Games. This tells us that the graph will give us information about the classes favorite video games.  

by Kaden and Tyler

We can use bar graphs to compare data. In this bar graph we can see that 2 more students voted for puppies than for

by Kate and Miss P

We can also use bar graphs to find how many students voted in all by adding all of the data together. How many students voted for their favorite video game in this graph?

By Noah and Alexa

Here are two more bar graphs we created. What information can you learn?  
By Hunter and Ella

By Leo Carillo

Use the sentence frames we made in class to ask the class a question about one of the graphs. 
1. Name the graph and the creators of the graph.
2. Fill out the spaces in our sentence frame with categories and numbers from the graph. Be sure it makes sense! So check your numbers carefully!
3. Ask the class to solve your question. 
4. Answer someone's question. Be sure no one else has already answered it. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bones! Bones! Bones!


In honor of the horrifying holiday of Halloween we have started
 learning all about the incredible skeleton system. Have you ever thought about what our bodies would be like without bones? 
Click here to watch an informative video on BrainpopJr about bones!

This diagram shows some of the most common bones in our bodies and their names. When you comment, please be sure to use the correct name and spelling for the bone you are discussing.

This is a great song to help learn all of the names of the bones in our bodies! 

  Creating skeletons, reading various non fiction books, and making our own diagrams has taught us a lot of important facts about bones. 

What is your favorite fact about our bones so far? In your opinion, which bone do you think is most important and why? Have you ever broken any bones?   


When you are done posting a comment practice naming the bones by playing this game. 

Name that Bone!