Monday, February 23, 2015

Classy Quotations

Dialogue, or a conversation between people, is a phenomenal way to enhance our writing. We have been working on writing personal narratives about events in our own lives. We converse, or talk, to people everyday, so it is important to include dialogue in our writing.

When adding dialogue to our stories it is important we punctuate correctly. Otherwise our stories and sentences can be confusing. How we punctuate is all based on where the tag, or person's name is.

If the speaker is named at the end of the sentence it can end with a comma an exclamation mark or a questions mark. The punctuation goes inside the quotes. A period ends the sentence. 

"Brutus, don't even think about eating my decadent chocolate cake!" exclaimed Mrs. Broussard.

 A speaker can be named before the quotation marks as well. That would mean the punctuation is at the end of the sentence inside the quotes. You must also place a comma before the quotes start. 

Mrs. Broussard shrieked, "Tank, why did you eat my delicious dinner?"

Sometimes the speaker can be named in the middle of the sentence. In that case, commas are placed at the end of the first quotation and after you name the speaker. 

"You two behave so awfully," Mrs. Broussard said wagging her finger, "I can never leave you alone."  


Can you write a blog comment using dialogue and compound sentences? Tell me about an entertaining conversation you may have had with a friend, your parents, or even a teacher. You must use proper punctuation!