Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blogging is a great way to practice and improve our 

writing skills. One way to refine your writing and

 blogging comments is to use compound sentences.


What is a compound sentence?

1. A sentence that combines two shorter sentences (so has TWO subjects) 
2. It joins the two sentences with a conjunction (and, or, but, so) 
3. The comma goes BEFORE the conjunction.

 Here are some sample compound sentences, and they
 are all about Thanksgiving!
(Hey, that's a compound sentence!) 

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in
 November, and many families gather for a traditional

In 1620, the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, 
Massachusetts, but they had really planned a trip to 

 The Massachusetts winter was extremely cold and
  harsh, so everyone had to work together to survive. 

The Wampanoag Indians helped the struggling
 Pilgrims, so they were able to harvest crops for their 
first feast. 

Modern Americans dine on turkey and stuffing at home, 
or they make a reservation at a local restaurant.

As Thanksgiving break approaches, tell us

 about your
 plans. What are some thing that you 

learned about Thanksgiving? 
Be sure to include at least two 


Learning Our Multiplication Tables 

We have been working hard on practicing our multiplication facts. During Math Menu we have different activities that help us further our understanding and practice our multiplication facts. 

We play bingo games with our partners. 

We use arrays to complete challenging tile tasks.

These algebra tiles expand our thinking about how we can apply our multiplication and use different operations at once. 

Multiplication Machines help us with our accuracy and fluency. How fast can you correctly complete the whole machine? 

As a class we have been working on other ways to help us remember the facts. One excellent way is by rehearsing a catchy song or rhyme. 

Can you sing along to this multiplication rap to help you learn your x3 facts?

This song uses rhyming to help retain the x4 facts!


How about this song? It has a memorable tune that helps me remember my x8 facts!


How do you prefer practicing your multiplication facts? Why do you think multiplication is so important to learn? 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Nouns Galore

We have been learning all about identifying singular and plural nouns. What does singular and plural mean? You may hear a familiar word in the word singular. I hear single.
singular = one 
plural = more than one
Usually we simply add a s to the end of a word to make it plural. However, some nouns are exceptions, or words that don't follow this rule. 
Here is an example of a sentence using a plural noun. 
Jacob had 3 boxes of delicious golden apples to share with his class. 

What noun follows the simple rule of adding a s
What plural noun is an exception to the rule? 
The plural noun is boxes

Since the word box ends in with a x to make it plural you must add es.

There are also nouns that change completely to new words when made plural. These are called irregular nouns. That is because they are certainly not regular. 

Watch this BrainPop video and see if you can identify the plural nouns. Click on the link below the picture. 

username: chaparrales password: brainpop

Write three to four sentences to a friend using at least 5 plural nouns. Challenge yourself to use plural nouns with ch, sh or x or even using irregular nouns. Remember the rules!