Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Celebrating Life Cycles

In honor of spring, our class will be learning about the life cycles of different plants and animals.
Below are some links to videos featuring different life cycles.

What are some similarities and differences you see between the life cycles of these plants and animals? 

Over the weekend I collected some eggs from a local farmer.
Together with our buddies we will be learning about the life cycle of chickens and will be hatching our own baby chicks. Through careful observation we will be able to watch this chicks develop!

The first thing we needed to do was set up and environment that mimics, or copies, that of an egg being incubated by its own mother, a hen! 

Our incubators will provide heat, oxygen and even water for the eggs while they develop!

What is the most impressive thing you learned today?

With our buddies we made a prediction of how many eggs we think will hatch into baby chicks.

           How many eggs do you think will hatch and why?
Can you find any interesting facts about the life cycle of chicks?

Please write at least 3 sentences. One of your sentences must be a compound sentences using conjunctions. 


  1. Dear Room 9,
    I am very excited because me and my buddies think that 8 eggs will hatch.We think that because we have faith in the tiny eggs.The most impressive thing that I have learned today is that it takes 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch,and I only thought it would take 11 days.An interesting fact about a chick's life cycle is that it grows bigger inside the egg.

  2. Dear Room 9,

    An interesting fact about chicks are that they hatch 21 days after fertilization. The chick’s’ eyes begin to form only 24 hours after fertilization! The brain starts to form 21 hours after fertilization, and the nervous system does too! What other facts did you all learn about the life cycle of chicks?

  3. Dear Room 9,
    Today my buddy and I talked about how many chicks will hatch. We think that eight eggs will hatch. The most interesting thing I learned today was that it only takes 21 days to hatch an egg and while the chick is hatching it absorbs nutrients through its shell.

  4. Dear Room 9,

    I am so excited for the baby chicks to hatch,and I think with my buddies seven will hatch and we all have hope.The fact I learned is that water can go through the shell of a egg.Did you know that chickens weigh from about 1.1 pounds?I did!

  5. Dear Room 9,
    I learned that it takes 21 days for an egg to hatch instead of 7 days. I think that all 8 eggs will hatch because I have a lot of faith in them, and I learned that it takes one whole day for an egg to be created by a hen. I also learned that the hard shell protects the chick.

    Matthew M.

  6. Me and my buddie think 7 eggs will hatch because it is likely to have 1 dud egg. The most fascinating fact I learned is that a female hen does not have to mate to have eggs. Another fact I learned is that it takes 21 days, but I thought it took a month. A hen lays 300 eggs per year. I hope our tiny eggs hatch.

  7. Dear Alexa,
    My buddy and I predicted the same thing that 8 eggs will hatch. It is sad to think that some will not live the life that it should, so I would like to say all will hatch. The most impressive thing that I learned today is that you can see through eggs with a flash light. Did you know a rooster will try to attract a hen by performing a special dance?
    Danielle Boyce

  8. Dear Room 9,
    Today I learned about the life cycle of a chick. The most interesting fact I learned is that the eggs have lots of little holes in them so the chicks can get air and water. I am not sure how many eggs will hatch, but I would guess that there will be seven. I think seven eggs will hatch because I think there is usually one dud. Some things I found interesting about chicks are that right before it hatches, a chick eats the yolk in its shell, that they grow an egg tooth so they can break out of the shell, and after six months they are ready to be adults. If you have or had a chick, what would be your favorite part about owning it?
    Your friend,
    Kate H.