Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Traditions

Winter Holidays 

One of the most exciting things winter are all of the holidays people celebrate with their friends and families. There are many different holidays that fall during the winter season. 

Watch the BrainpopJr. video on Winter Holidays. 

No matter what holiday you celebrate, you and your family have special traditions
A tradition is something that family, friends, or another group of people has done for many years and continues to do on a regular basis. 
Learning about other people's traditions is an excellent way to learn  about other cultures, beliefs and more about your friend!

Each student in Third Grade has had the privilege of participating in a 1 to 1 program. This means that each student gets their own Acer to work on in class. Having our own Acers lets us practice many skills including blogging. Since we have access to our own computers we thought it would be fun to invite another classroom to work with us.
We got together with a Mrs. Levy's 2nd grade class who will get this opportunity to work on their own Acers next year.  But that doesn't mean they don't know how to blog! In fact, Mrs. Levy has a wonderful blog where students can leave insightful comments. Here is her link! Mrs. Levy's Class Blog

After completing your interview, leave a comment with your "Blogging Buddy"about the winter holiday traditions you celebrate.

What are some traditions you and your family practice over the winter holidays? Which is your favorite tradition? Why is it special?  

Don't forget, excellent comments include:

- complete sentences

- high vocabulary

- questions that can spark a conversation



  1. Dear Parents,
    My Name is Kaden and my blogging partner’s name is Ryan. Ryan’s in Mrs. Levy class and I Kaden am in Mrs.Broussard’s wonderful class. One thing we both like to do on Christmas day is open presents first thing in the morning at 7:00 or 8:00.My favorite thing to do is go to sleep on Christmas eve. Ryan’s favorite thing to do is go out to dinner with his family. What do you celebrate and what is your favorite tradition do do?

    1. Dear Ryan and Kaden,
      Baxter's favorite tradition is to open presents because he likes to see what is inside. Kaylee likes to build Ginger Bread houses because she likes to eat spicy ginger. Do you like spicy food and spicy smell?

      Baxter and Kaylee,

    2. Dear Kaden and Ryan,
      Instead of celebrating Christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah, and I love to open presents just before 7:00. I am always thankful for what I get. Let's move on. My Family tradition is to make a home cooked meal, but different every time.

      From, Sarah(:

  2. Matthew M. and JackDecember 11, 2015 at 1:34 PM

    Dear Families,
    My name is Jack and my name is Matthew. Matthew celebrates Hanukkah. Matthew loves playing dreidel .Matthew likes playing dreidel because he likes reading Hebrew and eating delicious chocolate. You get to read Hebrew when you land on different letters. When you win the game you collect all of the chocolate. Jack celebrates Christmas. Jack loves to go to Candy Cane Lane. Candy Cane Lane is a lane with houses flooded with sparkly lights. We both love to open up spektakuler presents. Do you like to open presents?

    Your holiday friends,
    Jack and Matthew

  3. Dear Parents,

    Are names are Harper and Alexa.We both celebrate the amazing holiday Christmas and have traditions.Harper’s tradition is to go to her cooko friend’s house in Sweden.My tradition is to eat a big delicous breakfast. we both wake up on Christmas morning and eat pie.Another one of our traditions is to bike ride on Christmas morning.We also wake up very early in the morning to wake up are parents.

    From your impatiently waiting friends,
    Alexa and Harper

  4. Dear Parents,
    Our names are Baxter and Kaylee. Our teachers are Mrs. Broussard and Mrs. Levy. Kaylee celebrates Christmas. Baxter celebrates Christmas too. Kaylee’s favorite holiday tradition is decorating gingerbread houses. Baxter’s favorite tradition is opening presents. Do you like building gingerbread houses or opening presents too?

    -Kaylee & Baxter

    1. Dear Kaylee and Baxter,

      I love to make gingerbread houses and I also love to open presents.First, thing that you need to know about me when I open presents is that I get super hyper and I knock down a lot of breacible things.The second thing you need to know about me when I open presents is that I go through the presents very fast so you might need to buy alot of presents.What is your favorite thing to do on the Holidays.


  5. Dear Family,
    Our names are Keira and Sophia. We both celebrate Christmas. Some of Keira’s traditions are that she plays games, has a big feast, and watches movies. Sophia has a big feast also, plays games and buys real Christmas trees. Some things we both do over the holidays is we both decorate tall,luscious and green Christmas trees.

    Keira and Sophia

  6. Dear Parents,
    Our names are Siya and Lily. We both celebrate Christmas .Both of our favorite
    things about Christmas is making cookies,decorating the tree,and ice skating.
    Siya also celebrates Divali.what is Divali ? Divali is when Indian people light
    fire crackers and all night.People do fire crackers it is very loud.Do you celebrate

    Your holiday friends,
    Siya and Lily

  7. Dear Parents,
    Our names are Ryan and Nolan.Ryan and Nolan celebrate Christmas.Ryan’s tradition is getting presents.We both love to decorate trees.Nolan’s tradition is getting presents too! We both like getting candies!! In Christmas we both love to spend time with our family, Grandfather and Grandma.What do you celebrate?

  8. Dear Families,
    My name is Daniella and my name is Jenna.
    Our teachers names are Mrs.B and Mrs.Levy.
    On Hanukkah Jenna likes to spend time with friends.
    On Christmas I like to watch movies with friends and families.
    But what we both like to do is open presents and eat chocolate bunnies.
    What do you like to do on Christmas or Hanukkah?

    Love your Friends,
    Daniella and Jenna

  9. Dear Families,
    We are Noah and Jaslene! Noah celebrates Channaka! My favorite tradition to do in Channaka is to light the menorah because I love saying the prayer. One thing we both like to do over the holidays is to stay at home and watch a movie. I’m Jaslene and I celebrates christmas my favorite tradition to do in
    Christmas is to woke up at 8:00 or 9:00 and open presents because I get awesome big presents! My name is Noah from Mrs.Broussard’s class which is a super spectacular class! Do you get big presents on Christmas. Do you light the menorah and say the prayer.but don’t forget I’m Jaslene from Ms.levy’s class which is a SUPER AWESOME class. And I hope you learned more about us.

    From Noah and Jaslene

  10. Dear Parents,
    Our names are Rose and Danielle, and our teachers are Mrs.Levy and Mrs.Broussard. Rose celebrates Christmas. Rose’s favorite thing to do on Christmas is putting the small and big ornaments on the Christmas tree. We both like to make cookies for Mr.Santa Claus. Danielle celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas. Danielle's favorite thing to thing do on Hanukkah is to light the menorah, eat delicious gelt and put up the humongous Christmas tree. We both like to wrap presents for family and friends. What do you like to do on your favorite holiday?

    Happy Holidays
    Danielle and Rose

  11. Dear Families,
    our names are Doreen and Kate. Doreen’s favorite holiday tradition is to open beautiful presents. Kate’s favorite holiday tradition is to play with my cousins Even,Bria, and Kendall. The one thing we both like to do over the holidays is open presents and eat gelt. Kate celebrates Hanukkah
    and Christmas. Doreen celebrates Hanukkah.
    Happy Holidays!!!!

    What is your favorite thing to do over the holidays?

    Your friends,
    Kate & Doreen

  12. Ariana and IsabellaDecember 17, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    Dear Kaylee and Baxter,
    Ariana and Isabella both love to open our presents. But what Ariana likes to do more than open presents is bake homemade cookies with her mom. What Isabella likes to do more than open presents is be with her family. Kaylee and Baxter do you like to make homemade cookies with your mom or be with your family?
    Sincerely the fun holiday girls,
    Ariana and Isabella.

  13. Dear families,
    We now have blogging partners.
    Our names are Ariana and Isabella. Isabella celebrates the fantastic holiday Hanukkah. And Ariana celebrates the wonderful holiday Christmas. Isabella’s favorite tradition is playing with the colorful dreidel. Ariana’s favorite tradition is opening humongous and fun filled presents and toys. A tradition that Isabella and Ariana both like to do is to be with our loving family and open presents. Isabella and Ariana both like to do these tradition every year.
    Do you like to open presents and be with your families too?

    Sincerely the two girls who love the holidays,
    Ariana and Isabella.

  14. Dear Parents,
    Our names are Lucas and Trentyn. We are going to tell you about our traditions. Trenton's tradition is Christmas. He likes to eat chocolate because it is really tasty. Also his favorite thing to do on Christmas is spend time with his caring & loving family. Lucas celebrates Hanoka and his tradition is he likes to eat latkes a lot.His favorite thing to do is spend time with his caring & loving family. What suspicious presents do you like to open?


    Lucas and Trentyn

  15. Dear Parents,
    Our names are Claude and Noah and our teachers names are Mrs.Broussard and Mrs. Levy and we like to open presents and go sledding at Big Bear.
    Noah likes to eat locka and apple sauce for Hanukkah. Claude and Noah’s favorite thing to do on the holidays is snowball fight. What do you celebrate?

    by Claude and Noah

  16. Dear Famliy,
    Do you like Holidays? Well hope you do. Do you like Christmas? We love Christmas especially when we decorate the tree. We also like to eat. We also like to play Christmas games.But when it is night time we watch Christmas movies.Do you like to watch Christmas movies?
    From Phoenix and Ella

  17. Dear Families,
    My third grader is Samantha and my second grader is Olivia. Our traditions are Christmas. We both like to open mystery presents. We both like to decorate the Christmas tree. Also we both like to decorate ginger people. We both have a elf on the shelf. Olivia's elf on the shelf hides everywhere. But Samantha's elf on the shelf is not out because her little brother is scared of it.
    What winter holidays do you celebrate?
    Your Christmas buddies,
    Olivia S and Samantha H.

  18. Matthew V. and Tre C.December 17, 2015 at 4:08 PM

    Dear Families,

    Tre and I both celebrate Christmas during the winter holiday season. Some special traditions that our families have is that we both have dinner with our families and open Christmas presents on Christmas morning. My favorite tradition is spending time with my family because it is not often that we get to see our entire families. What is your favorite thing about winter break? Do you have any special plans?

    Happy Holidays and have a great Winter break!

    Matthew V. and Tre C.

  19. Dear Room 9

    I am going to tell you about my winter holiday Hanukah. My favorite thing about Hanukah is spending time with my family because they are loving and caring. What winter holiday do you celebrate?


  20. Dear Room 9,

    I celebrate the winter holiday Christmas.My favorite part about Christmas is that I get to open presents with my family.My holiday tradition is to go to candy cane lane.What traditions do you do?

  21. Dear Room 9,
    I celebrate the fantastic holiday Hanukkah. On Hanukkah I do many traditions but my favorite tradition is to play dreidel and earn gelt or chocolate coins. I also love to be with my grandmas and family, open presents and light the menorah. These are my favorite traditions to do over Hanukkah. Do you like to do any of these traditions? If so, which one do you like to do? If you do not do any of these traditions, what traditions do you do?

    From your holiday friend,


  22. Dear Room 9,

    I hope you enjoyed winter break. I celebrate the enjoyable holiday Christmas. My favorite traditions are opening presents and looking in my stocking. I also like to have a big feast. What do you do over Christmas? if you don’t celebrate Christmas than what is your favorite tradition for any winter holiday?

    Your Curious Friend,

  23. Dear Room 9,

    I celebrate Hanukah with my family. We always have a Hanukah dinner with my grandmas and grandpa where we get to eat latkes and we play dreidel. This year we had a Hanukah dinner with my friends Adam and Landon. We had a lot of fun at the party. We had a big pillow fight and we all got presents. The only thing that was missing from this party was my brother, Jacob, and my mom because Jacob had a 103 fever. Have you ever played dreidel?

    Matthew M.